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The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

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Garbage Disposal

Over half of American homes have a garbage disposal. The popularity of the garbage disposal is no surprise when the benefits are considered. Garbage disposals will improve the smell of a home, help reduce greenhouse gases, and give families the convenience of less garbage.

One of the biggest advantages to a garbage disposal isn’t seen but smelled. Food waste produces many offensive odors as it decomposes. A garbage disposal gives families the option to just grind up the waste and wash it down the sink (creating a fresher smelling home). It also means fewer bugs will enter the home from being drawn in by rotting food waste.

When food waste is sent to a landfill it produces methane gas as it breaks down. In most landfills this gas is released into the environment. Garbage disposals grind up this food waste and then send it into the sewer system where it will end up at a water treatment plan. Because of this many people argue that use of garbage disposals is better for the environment than sending food to landfills.

Finally, families who use garbage disposals will have less trash. With food waste traveling down to a water treatment plant families will have smaller amounts of trash to be taken out. This mean less frequent, lighter, and smaller loads to haul outside.

It’s important before installing a garbage disposal that home owners check for any applicable city codes. Some cities don’t have the infrastructure required for garbage disposals and thus discourage residents from using them. Other cities require that new homes be built with them because of their effectiveness at disposing of food waste.

Garbage disposals really do a lot for a household: keeping the home smelling fresh, helping save the environment, and saving trips to the trash can. When all the benefits are considered it’s obvious that garbage disposal can be a valuable addition to any home.

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