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A leaky pipe is a homeowner’s worst nightmare! If you’re lucky, you’ll find the leak before it does much damage. But many people dread pipe leaks because they can cause catastrophic problems in your home. A leak in a large pipe or a small leak that goes undetected can mean replacing walls, floors, furniture, and more.

Whether your water leak is big or small, call a Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning plumber in Brooklyn as soon as you notice it! Our plumbing services include leak detection and repair, so you can rest easy when you place your trust in us.

A Petri technician inspecting a leak in a bathroom ceiling in Brooklyn, NY.

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Signs You Have a Water Leak

As mentioned above, it can be difficult to tell that a pipe is leaking if the water leak is small and the pipe is hidden. Here are some things you can look for when you’re doing water leak detection.

Water marks

If you start to see the outline of dried water on a wall, ceiling, or floor, that means that there’s something going on behind or underneath that you need to know about. If you are buying a house or looking at a part of your house you don’t usually see, this is a good indicator that, at least at one point, there was a leak. You may want to explore further to see if anything is wrong with the pipes now.


If you look under your sink for the first time in a while and it smells musty, that’s a good sign that there’s a small leak under there somewhere. You can also feel for dampness, as a small drip may not even produce enough water to make things smell bad. Note, too, any inexplicable dampness in your kitchen and bathroom, and in walls where you know pipes run. This can be a sign of a water leak, too.

Standing water

Do you find random puddles of water in your basement and you’re not sure where they came from? Maybe there’s often a small puddle in front of your dishwasher or washing machine. These can all be signs that there is a leak somewhere.

Water Leak Repair Service

If any of these are happening at your place in Brooklyn, we will get a plumber to you just as soon as possible. He or she will arrive on time, listen to your questions and concerns, then assess the situation. As soon as the plumber knows what has gone wrong, they’ll let you know. Then they’ll perform leak pipe repairs so you can get back to your daily routine.

Experts for Leaky Pipes in Brooklyn

No matter what is going on, the plumbers at Petri can come figure out where your leak is and what needs to be done to repair it. If your Brooklyn property is having plumbing issues, get in touch with us and we can show up right away to get things fixed and back to normal! Reach out to us today for Brooklyn leak detection or repair!

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