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Is it time to have your Brooklyn sewer cleaned out? Do you think you might have a sewer clog but you’re not sure and you don’t know how to find out? Do you dread calling for sewer help because you’re afraid of how much it will cost or how long the work will take?

At Petri, we can help! We’ll find that clog, then determine the best way to remove it so you can have a fully functional sewer line once again. Call us today or whenever you need sewer cleaning in Brooklyn!

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Do I Need My Sewer Cleaned?

Are you unsure whether it’s time to call for a sewer cleaning in Brooklyn? We don’t blame you! Some of the symptoms of sewer problems can be subtle or can be hard to see unless you know what you’re looking for. Here are some common signs that it’s time for sewer cleaning in Brooklyn, NY:

  • You smell sewage in your home
  • You experience frequent backups, even if they seem to resolve themselves quickly
  • You have several areas in your home that are all backed up at the same time
  • You have unusual backups, like your shower backs up every time your washer drains
  • Your drains are consistently slow or are getting slower and slower

If you have noticed any of these signs, call us to get your sewer checked for clogs today. If you’re experiencing more than one of these, you almost definitely have a clog and you should get it removed as soon as possible in order to avoid costly damage from a sewer overflow.

Our Brooklyn Sewer Cleaning Process

When you need reliable sewer cleaning in Brooklyn, call us right away. We’ll send an experienced plumber to your house as soon as possible.

Once there, your plumber will diagnose your sewer issue. This may involve pressure testing and/or sending a camera down your sewer line. As soon as we know where your clog is and what is causing it, we’ll let you know.

Our team will determine the best way to proceed with your sewer cleaning in Brooklyn, NY. Whenever possible, we’ll utilize trenchless sewer repair methods to make sure your sewer gets cleaned out with as little hassle for you as possible. No matter what method we use, we’ll work fast so you can get your home back to normal quickly.

Brooklyn Sewer Drain Cleaning Experts

Call Petri for sewer cleaning in Brooklyn, NY today or if you are having any issues with your sewer line. We’ll make that clog disappear fast and get things working like you need them to in no time!

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