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Brooklyn Air Conditioning Repair & Services

air conditioning ac repair in brooklyn

Air Conditioner Repair

When you need air conditioner repair in Brooklyn, you don’t have any time to waste. It gets so hot and humid here that you’ll be very uncomfortable if you don’t get it fixed. Don’t worry about it, though! Just call us at Petri and let us take care of the problem. We’ll make sure your A/C repair in Brooklyn goes smoothly and that you can stay cool at home again soon.

When is it time for A/C repair?

If your A/C isn’t working at all, then it is absolutely time to call us. However, most air conditioners will give you a sign that they are struggling before they break down completely. Look for these signs, then call us as soon as you see them. We’ll make sure you get the air conditioner service in Brooklyn that you need to stay comfortable at home.

  • Your air conditioner runs all the time. This can burn out the motor fast! It usually means that your A/C isn’t getting the right signals from your thermostat and so it doesn’t know it should turn off. We’ll find the problem and fix it, whether it’s in the A/C, in the thermostat, or somewhere in between them.
  • Your air conditioner makes unusual sounds. This can mean that something has gotten into your air conditioner or that a part has come loose or broken off inside. We’ll find it, fix any damage it’s done, and get things running well again soon.
  • You have to keep changing the temperature on the thermostat to stay cool. You should be able to choose a temperature on your thermostat, then go about your day trusting that your house will remain at that temp. If you can’t do this there’s a problem in your A/C or in your thermostat. We’ll find it and fix it fast.
  • You aren’t cool even though your A/C seems to be running well. Your A/C may not be running as well as it seems to be or it may be struggling for other reasons. We’ll determine what needs to happen for you and your family to get comfortable again, then implement these solutions for you. Stop paying to run an A/C that isn’t doing its job!
  • Your A/C blows lukewarm air. This isn’t efficient even if, technically, it is still cooling your house. We’ll help it run more efficiently again so you can save money on utilities and stay cooler at home, too.

Stop worrying about your A/C and call us. We promise that it’s so much better to call than it is to worry all the time. We’ll make sure you get the air conditioner repair in Brooklyn that will keep you comfortable this summer.

Call us at Petri for A/C repair or any other A/C services in Brooklyn that you may need. We are your friendly neighborhood A/C guys and we would be happy to help you live better and stay cool in Brooklyn.

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