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Having Guests for the Holidays Shouldn’t Result in Clogged Drains or Cold Showers

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Having family and other guests home for the holidays should be a joyous occasion filled with delicious meals, decorating parties and gift-giving get-togethers.

But that could all be spoiled if your home develops slow drains, a failing hot water heater or, worse, a clogged toilet. A houseful of people can easily put an additional strain on your Brooklyn plumbing system.

Here are some things you can do now to help prevent these disasters from happening once your family and friends show up to spend the holiday season with you.

1. Check Your Plumbing for Potential Leaks

If you have mold or wet spots around your sinks, tub or toilet or if your water bill is higher than usual for this time of year, there is a chance you have a plumbing issue that will get worse with more people using the system. A professional plumber can use an electronic leak detector can easily pinpoint the source of a leak without the hassle of knocking down walls or floors. The plumber can then recommend the best way to handle any leaks he or she finds.

2. Check Your Drains for Clogs

A slow drain now can easily ramp up into a completely clogged drain with continued use that will require professional drain cleaning. Make sure your water is draining quickly and efficiently and clear out any noticeable debris before guests arrive. Use strainers and avoid putting grease or oil down the sink to prevent clogs.

3. Make Sure Your Garbage Disposal Is Working

Garbage disposals are made to only handle a certain amount of food at once and can become the source of other clogs further down the pipes if not used properly. Cut larger items into smaller pieces before disposing of them and put them into the disposal slowly with running water. Use a disposal cleaner from a home improvement store prior to your guests’ arrival to make sure the appliance does will continue to perform efficiently.

4. Have a Water Heater Check-Up

Water heaters should also need maintenance check-ups to make sure they are performing correctly. If your water heater becomes overwhelmed and stops working correctly, it could leave guests taking cold showers on snowy mornings. Schedule a yearly water heater maintenance and tune-up before your family arrives.

Remember that your home will be housing more people than normal and these additional guests will create more waste and use more water than under average circumstances.

If you suspect your system has leaks, clogs or needs maintenance, call Petri Plumbing & Heating to enlist the help of our expert Brooklyn plumbers!

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