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Upgrading your home’s thermostat is a great way to take control of your finances. Heating and cooling account for half of your energy costs. They also seriously impact the energy consumption of your Brooklyn HVAC.

Smart Thermostats offer a slew of benefits that also make managing the comfort of your home much easier. Between their Wi-Fi capability and interconnectivity with other smart devices, they can be programmed no matter where you are.

From scheduling cost-effective usage to playing with remote and voice-controlled functions, read on for a list of some of our favorite advantages offered by most smart thermostats. Or, just give us a call!

They’re An Eco-Conscious Alternative

As we mentioned before, a smart thermostat is a great way to reduce energy consumption. They can detect your absence and lower their output while you’re away. They can also be set to maintain specific ranges in each season. This dramatically impacts energy conservation and your bank account.

Many can even track your usage over time and offer reports and tips within their companion apps to help further adjust consumption and keep your home in ideal conditions. This has a bonus benefit of ensuring your HVAC stays efficient from never having to overwork or push itself harder to reach ideal ranges from being turned off, staving off unnecessary repairs.

They Offer Remote-Controlled Convenience

Going home early from work? Pull out your phone and let your thermostat know you’re on your way. It will raise output and ensure you walk into a home at the perfect temperature.

On Vacation? Update your thermostat from the comfort of the beach so it knows you won’t be home and doesn’t expend energy to regulate temperatures according to your standard settings.

Have multiple properties that need to be managed? Multiple smart thermostats can be managed from the same app, allowing greater freedom and peace of mind. You’ll no longer have to wait for the utility bill to see if you adjusted your vacation home’s temperature or worry about frozen pipes. Smart thermostats ensure your home is protected with warm air throughout winter – even if you’re never there.

They Have Surprising Advantages

Feeling lazy? Not only can you control a smart thermostat from your mobile device, you can also link one to a device like Alexa and issue voice commands without ever reaching for the phone.

These thermostats can also monitor seasonal changes in the weather and automatically adjust for a hotter than average day or a sudden cold snap, always ensuring you and your family enjoy the comfort you deserve.

Want a little extra security? Some connect with your smart doorbell and camera systems to show you who’s at the door or around the property in live video.

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