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Many people in Brooklyn consider their thermostats to be a lifesaver during the harsh and cold winters here. Here at Petri Plumbing & Heating, our heating service experts can perform thermostat repairs to get your comfort system back in action or can install an energy-saving thermostat if you are interested.

A thermostat is a climate control device that allows you to make changes to your interior environment. The most basic thermostats combine the ability to sense the surrounding temperature and operate the equipment and appliances that heat and cool your interior environment or space accordingly. More sophisticated devices can provide an expanded range of features including remote and wireless capabilities and programmable schedules


One easy way to make your system more efficient and save money on your utility bills is to install a new thermostat. Many older thermostats are only capable of keeping your home at a specific temperature.

Arrange for the professionals at Petri Plumbing & Heating to do handle the job when you are hiring for thermostat installation. If you suspect that your current device is not operating accurately, or if you are having trouble activating your heat or central air, it may be time to replace the system. We can offer you upgrades like energy-saving thermostats and high-tech programmable thermostats when this time comes for you.


Servicing or doing thermostat may allow you to save a great deal on your utility bills. If you have continued issues, problems, and inconveniences with the unit, it could be costing you extra money because your HVAC has to work harder.


A programmable thermostat does more than just control the heating and air conditioning at your home or workplace. These can be regulated remotely and have schedules prearranged, allowing you to set the temperature you would like the space to be before you even arrive. They prolong your equipment’s life since they won’t be running if they don’t need to be. Programmable thermostats give YOU the power to heat your property, as you like. Not only are these an easier and more efficient way to control an interior climate, they help to save energy too.

We can provide you with details on energy-saving thermostats if you are interested in having one installed at your Brooklyn property. Programmable devices offer the ability to adjust your climate indoors throughout the day, making it so that you can ensure greater efficiency.


With four generations of experience as a Brooklyn HVAC company, we offer professional, friendly, and eco-conscious approaches to thermostat installations and repairs, and to upgrading to energy saving thermostats. If you are experiencing a problem with your thermostat or are seeking an easier way to manage your interior climate, contact us!

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