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Are you considering installing a garbage disposal in Brooklyn? Not sure if you want a garbage disposal for your home or if you should keep the one you have?

Garbage disposals are a staple in many homes and are designed to conveniently dispose of food waste through the sink. As a result, you reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills. When properly maintained, garbage disposals can last up to 15 years. Just like any appliance, garbage disposals in Brooklyn may need repairs from time to time.

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Signs You Should Repair or Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Not sure if you need a repair or a new garbage disposal? Here are some red flags to watch out for:

1) You Hear Strange or Unusual Noises

If you’ve turned off the power to the unit and checked inside to find nothing obstructing the blades yet the disposal is still making odd noises, it may be time to call a professional plumber or consider a replacement.

2) There’s a Bad Odor That Won’t Go Away

You’ve tried orange peels, baking soda and professional foam cleaners, but the smell is persistent. You can call in an expert to dislodge the trapped debris, but if your appliance is nearing 15 years old, it might be time to simply replace it. Be sure to head over to our previous post about “3 Easy Ways to Fight Garbage Disposal Smells“!

3) You’re Frequently Resetting Your Garbage Disposal

This is something you should seldom have to do with a healthy garbage disposal. If you’re having to do this on a regular basis, your disposal is not long for the world.

4) Your Disposal Is Leaking

Over time, your unit may develop cracks which causes leaks. When this happens, trying to repair the unit is usually pointless. It’s better to get a new one, especially if the disposal is nearing the end of its lifespan.

5) Your Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

This is usually an indication that there is a serious problem with the unit. If you’ve hit the reset button and checked the circuit breaker and the problem persists, it’s time to retire your appliance.

Learn more about when your garbage disposal needs help here!

Advantages of Installing a New Garbage Disposal

Before you take the next steps to installing a garbage disposal in Brooklyn, learn about some of the conveniences.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

When food waste sits around in your sink or pipes, it starts decomposing. The results? A smelly kitchen where bacteria is growing in your sink. Avoid the mess and potential hazards by investing in a Brooklyn garbage disposal.

Convenience and Efficiency

One of the best benefits of having a garbage disposal is how convenience it is for your home or apartment. You can easily get rid of food scraps right in the sink as you cook and clean-up in real time. You’ll save yourself time and enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen.

Environmental Impact and Waste Reduction

Garbage disposals reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills and generates methane. Although it’s organic matter, it still can still be potent and wreak havoc on the environment. Processing food waste and integrating it into the sewage system directly helps the water treatment process.

Plumbing Protection

Disposals protect your plumbing by grinding up your food waste into small particles. You’ll avoid clogs and keep things moving down your drains. It can ultimately save homeowners from costly and inconvenient plumbing repairs.

Features of Modern Garbage Disposals

You may already be sold on installing a Brooklyn garbage disposal, but here are some of its primary features.

  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Modern garbage disposal models come with advanced features that make them safer and more efficient. They’re designed to grind food waste and reduce the risk of pipe blockages.
  • Economic and Environmental Savings: Modern disposals are also cost-effective and are barely noticeable on your household energy bills. Their efficient waste processing also reduces the need for frequent trash collection.
  • Enhances Your Apartment or Home Value: Installing or upgrading a garbage disposal can also enhance the value of your home or apartment. It’s viewed as a modern, eco-friendly appliance that’s a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

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