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4 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

man using smart thermostat in brooklyn home

If you think installing a smart thermostat might be scarier than the goblins that show up on your porch this Halloween, consider the benefits before tricking yourself out of this treat.

With four generations as your Brooklyn heating and cooling company, Petri Plumbing & Heating offers these four advantages in upgrading to energy-saving thermostats.

1. Make Scheduling Your HVAC Use Easier

While some people believe that programming these thermostats can be difficult, the truth is that scheduling your heating and air conditioning usage is made easier because you don’t have to remember to adjust it daily. You can program it for the changing seasons once and be done with it.

2. Smart Thermostats are Economical and Eco-Friendly.

Not only will you be able to program your energy use by the seasons, you can schedule these thermostats to run less when no one is at home. It can then be programmed to kick back on before your family members start returning home so that the house is the perfect temperature when they open the door.

3. You Can Track Your Energy Use

As a result of energy tracking features in most smart thermostats, you can build a home energy-use profile. This can be helpful when developing a monthly budget and in lowering your carbon footprint. Some thermostats are also “smart” enough to learn household patterns and adjust the temperature when no one is home. This helps reduce energy use.

4. Control Your Thermostat From Your Phone

In cases where you need to interrupt the programming, you can simply log onto your thermostat application and adjust your heating or cooling schedule. Maybe you’re on vacation and need to know if your home’s interior has fallen below or risen above the limits you’ve set and need adjusting. The app’s there for that, too.

Help from Brooklyn Thermostat & HVAC Experts

Installing a smart thermostat is a great addition to your home’s heating and air conditioning system and Petri Plumbing & Heating can provide you with details on these energy-saving thermostats. Be sure to check out a related post, “We’ve Got the Right Thermostat for Your Heating System” to learn more or call us today to find out more about having one installed at your Brooklyn property.

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