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3 Reasons to Get a Smart Thermostat with Your New HVAC System

So, you’ve found out you need to replace your Brooklyn cooling and heating system. It’s never fun to have an unexpected expense or surprise breakdown happen. But look on the bright side. A new, modern HVAC system will operate more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills.

You could look on an even brighter side and get better control over that new HVAC system with a smart, Wi-fi-enabled thermostat. It’s a great time to replace your thermostat when you’re already replacing your system, and you can often bundle the cost of the new thermostat in with the total bill. That includes financing plans, too!

So, why should you add a new thermostat to your HVAC replacement? Here are three great reasons.

1) You’ll Save More Energy

Smart thermostats are just that: smart. They can set the temperature to conserve energy when you’re not home. Why keep the heating or cooling running when everyone is at work or school? That’s a waste of money and natural resources.

2) They’re Convenient

A smart thermostat does all that without you having to touch a button. With geofencing technology, the thermostat knows when your family is at home, not at home, or on the way home, and can set the temperature accordingly. You can even link it to Alexa, Siri or Google Home for voice control.

3) You’ll Get Peace of Mind

Have you ever been on vacation and wondered if you set the thermostat to vacation mode? Or maybe there was an unexpected cold snap or freeze while you were away? You can control a smart thermostat from your phone, making sure your home is safe while you’re gone.

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