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Boiler Repair in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Boiler Repair TechnicianBoilers are one of the oldest heating technologies available. Since so many types of boilers are on the market, we see a few common questions arise around boiler repair and boiler maintenance. At Petri Plumbing & Heating, we like to inform you about the technicalities of your unit, and answer all possible question because your satisfaction is our top priority.

What Are The Benefits Of Boiler Repair vs Replacement?

Many older boilers have a much lower efficiency rating than newer models. While older models had efficiency ratings from 56%-70%, newer models can come close to 99% efficiency. Such efficient models could cut energy bills almost in half. Upgrading to a more efficient model saves on energy bills and reduces pollution, so replacement instead of repair would often be a better option in the long run. We proudly service a large number of name brand boilers including both Baxi, Veissman, and many others!

Another advantage to upgrading is the size. Newer models tend to be considerably smaller, and a properly sized unit is more efficient than an oversized boiler.

What Type Of Boiler Fuel Is More Economical?

Boilers may use a number of fuels, including wood, coal, propane, natural gas, or oil. Natural gas and oil boilers are the most common and popular choices among consumers, since wood and coal are outdated and inefficient. Propane tends to be a more expensive fuel than oil or gas.

Natural gas is a popular choice, and the boilers themselves tend to cost less than oil boilers, but fuel prices depend on location. In the northeast, for example, customers will end up paying more for natural gas, since they receive the gas at the end of the distribution line. Oil boilers tend to be more popular in that area of the country.

The fuel efficiency of your furnace will also be a factor that determines your energy bills. The percentage in an efficiency rating determines how much of your fuel is being used effectively. A 90% rating indicates that 90% of the fuel is being used in heating, while 10% escapes in ventilation. More efficient boilers are often more expensive, but save money on energy over time.

Does My Setup Require Boiler Maintenance?

Boilers, like all appliances and equipment, undergo wear and tear with time and use. To avoid strain on the equipment, they should be regularly inspected and maintained by boiler repair technicians. They are experienced and capable of examining the venting system, which can degrade and lose integrity with use.

Heat exchangers can also develop leaks, and can occasionally leak fuel, which is another good reason to have professionals inspect your equipment. The boiler controls may also need to be properly adjusted to the most efficient or comfortable settings. Additionally, a professional should inspect the various systems and settings that are specific to the type of boiler you use. For the boiler repair Brooklyn needs, you can count on Petri Plumbing.

Often the questions that arise around boiler repair and fuel economics can have complicated answers. Heating professionals know the ins and outs of the industry, and are always available to help you find the right answers. Contact us today at (718) 748-1254 and tell us how we can help you with your heating needs. Don’t be let in the cold with a tough decision versus a repair or replacement again! With the Petri Plumbing Heating Check, receive up to $1,000 from the cost of a repair towards the cost of a replacement!

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“Called Petri because my heating unit stopped working. They called to confirm the appointment and the technician called 10 minutes before arrival. Strato to my service technician was professional, efficient, informative and extremely honest. Luckily my problem was rectified quickly. I cannot be more impressed with Petri and especially Strato. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.”

-Michael 1/14/17

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