DIY Tips to Troubleshoot Your AC

homeowner cleaning outside air conditioning unit

Air conditioning units are used to keep the temperature at a comfortable level when the outside temperature rises. However, when an air conditioner is not cooling efficiently, it can cause an increase in energy usage and potentially incur damaging wear and tear as it works harder.

Having a professional Brooklyn air conditioning expert from Petri Plumbing & Heating diagnose any problems can quickly get your air conditioning unit back to providing a comfortable climate at home. In the meantime, however, there are some tips you can use to troubleshoot simple AC problems on your own. You can also check out our blog post about how to Help Your AC Work Smarter!

Check the Thermostat and Fuse Box

If your conditioning unit will not turn on, check your thermostat to make sure it is set to the cool position and set to the desired temperature. Additionally, make sure the breaker is on and has not tripped in the fuse box the A/C unit is connected to.

Change the Filter

A dirty air filter will prevent proper air flow and not allow cooler air to effectively flow through the system. Check to see if it is dirty, and change it to a fresh, clean filter. Filters should be changed every 60 days for maximum performance.

Relocate Heat Sources Away from Thermostat

If your A/C unit is cooling too much and not shutting off, it is possible there is a heat-emitting source too close to the thermostat, causing it to incorrectly measure the overall air temperature of the room. Relocate lamps or other electronics away from the thermostat to see if the unit will turn off on its own.

Check for Outside Obstructions

If your outside unit’s fan blades aren’t spinning properly, it will not force air through the system to cool your home. Check for any obstructions near or possibly on the unit. Additionally, listen to the unit, and if you hear banging while the fan blades are turning, there could be an obstruction.

Professional Air Conditioning Help!

If you are unable to diagnose your A/C issues, read our Signs You Need AC Repair or Replacement blog post. If you have any questions or think you need professional air conditioning repairs, contact us at Petri Plumbing & Heating and one of our licensed and insured HVAC experts can help get your conditioning unit back up and running efficiently!

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