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When the temperature begins soaring into the 90s and beyond, there is no greater invention than the air conditioner. Summer reminds us how thankful we are for Willis Carrier. He accidentally invented air conditioning in 1902 when he was trying to find a way to reduce humidity in a large printing plant right here in Brooklyn. This is why it’s known as an “air conditioner” rather than an “air cooler,” and the name has stuck all these years later.

Is your home or apartment hot and stuffy? Do you need DIY troubleshooting for your AC? If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your space comfortable as the temperatures rise, you could be overconsuming energy, running up your bills, and incurring wear and tear while forcing your unit to work harder than ever.

Our HVAC team of Brooklyn air conditioning experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning can help diagnose any problems quickly and get your air conditioning unit back to providing a comfortable climate at home. Reach out to us for air conditioning repair in Brooklyn whenever you are experiencing issues. We also put together some expert tips you can use to troubleshoot simple AC problems on your own!

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1) Check the Thermostat

Before you do anything else, double-check your thermostat. Someone in your household may have changed the settings. If there was recently a power outage, you may have set your cooling to activate during p.m. hours instead of a.m. It’s also possible that the issue is with a faulty thermostat, not your air conditioner at all.

2) Change the Air Filter

A dirty air filter prevents proper air flow and stops cooler air from effectively flowing through your system. Check to see if it is dirty and swap it out for a fresh, clean filter. Remember to also take a look at the air return filter inside your home. Replace any clogged and dirty filters as soon as possible. It may seem like a simple fix, but a dirty air filter makes your whole system work harder to get air and cannot perform as well as it should.

2) Clean Your Air Ducts

Help maintain your AC unit by cleaning out the air ducts and vents. It helps get your air conditioner working efficiently again and reduces allergens and pollutants for improved indoor air quality. Give us a call today! One of our techs will be over as soon as possible to clean your ductwork and service your AC to get your home feeling cool again in no time.

3) Relocate Heat Sources Away from Thermostat

Is your AC unit cooling too much and not shutting off? The issue could be something in your environment. Check to see if there is any heat-emitting source too close to the thermostat, causing it to incorrectly measure the room’s overall air temperature. Relocate any of your lamps or other electronics away from the thermostat to see if the unit will turn off on its own.

4) Check for Outside Obstructions

If your outside unit’s fan blades aren’t spinning properly, it will not force air through the system to cool your home. Check for any obstructions near or possibly on the unit. Additionally, listen to the unit, and if you hear banging while the fan blades are turning, there could be an obstruction. Next, remove any plants that have grown inside the unit and move any items that are leaning on or abutting the outdoor condenser. Keeping the condenser free from obstruction helps it run better.

5) Check Your Circuit Breakers

Head to your home’s main electrical panel and take a look at the breakers. Hopefully, these are clearly labeled, but if not, the air conditioner will be on one of the large double circuits. Push it all the way to the “on” position, then try turning on the system. If this fixes the problem, you’re all set. However, if the breaker immediately flips back when the system comes on, you will need to call a professional to step in and service your unit.

6) Check Your Air Vents

Walk around your house and check all the air vents. Make sure none of them are blocked or closed, including unused rooms. Remove any rugs, drapes, or furniture that might be in the way. This step may seem almost too easy, but obstructed vents can cause much bigger problems with your air conditioner and its ability to cool down your home.

7) Schedule Air Conditioning Service or Maintenance

Just like your car needs periodic maintenance, so do your HVAC and air conditioner. Periodic maintenance visits should include a thorough check of your system, lubricating the moving parts, and checking on all the components to ensure they are working properly. If there’s something more serious going on with your AC, your technician can also guide you through the next steps. We can help you determine if an AC repair or replacement makes the most sense for your home, ongoing efficiency, and budget.

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