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Columbia Street Waterfront District Plumbing

Are you having plumbing complications in your Columbia Street Waterfront District property? Call Petri Plumbing today at (718) 748-1254 for a Columbia Street Waterfront District plumbing expert. Or click here to see our current discount coupons!

Dealing with common household plumbing issues is something that every homeowner must get used to. While there are many things that could happen to the indoor plumbing system at the house, it is best for homeowners to be on the lookout for these issues so that they can call on a licensed plumber when these problems arise. In each of these situations, Petri Plumbing is here for your assistance. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.

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  • Are EPA approved Water Sense Partners.

How Can I Keep My Toilet From Getting Clogged?

When dealing with a toilet that is always clogged, it is best for the homeowner to think about how they use that toilet. Often toilets are asked to flush many things that the toilet is simply not capable of flushing. As the power of the toilet is reduced, it will begin to clog more and more frequently. Even when the homeowner is able to clear the clogs on a regular basis, pipes in the house could begin to slowly clog. With an annual pipe cleaning services from a licensed plumber, the homeowner can reset their pipes back to clean and keep all toilets running well.

What are Some Water Heater Problems?

When homeowners get in the shower, they may or may not notice problems with how fast the water is heating. While many people just assume that this is a one-time occurrence, a lack of properly heated water coming from the water heater can be a sign of much bigger problems. Also, many homeowners never go to look at their water heater because it is in a remote part of the house. If the water heater is making odd noises or not heating water properly, it could be leaking or have a loose gas valve. This is where a licensed plumber must come in and either replace the water heater or fix the leaking valve or tank. Because the water is under pressure, it is important for the homeowner to ensure that the water heater is repaired before it ruptures and floods the home.

What is a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is anything that is actively flooding or damaging a home that cannot be stopped. Pipes that have burst or broken and appliances that are constantly leaking water must be handled immediately in order to prevent further damage to the home. When a plumber responds to an emergency situation, they will begin by stopping the water to the house. This can be done with a water key so that the plumber can stop the flooding and begin to assess the situation inside the home. Also, the plumber will find the source of the leak and begin making repairs. Once the plumber has taken care of the leak, they can turn water service to the house back on and let the homeowner begin cleaning.

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