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Do you need plumbing services in the Greenpoint area? Call Petri Plumbing today at (718) 748-1254 for our immediate plumbing services in Northern Brooklyn.

When homeowners call on the services of a licensed plumber, serious Brooklyn plumbing damages can be avoided. At Petri Plumbing we can fix any of your current issues while ensuring the stability of your systems. Our experts can replace water heaters, repair leaky pipes, and clear your pipes to avoid clogging, among many other things. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.

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  • Are New York’s first green plumbing company.
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  • Are EPA approved Water Sense Partners.

How Can I Keep My Toilet from Getting Clogged?

Toilet clogs are an inconvenience at best, but at worst they can be messy and damaging to your plumbing system and flooring. Many people unknowingly flush household waste that should not be flushed in a toilet, such as hair, kitchen waste, and other materials. All of these can form a clog slowly or rapidly, leaving you with a mess.

To keep a toilet from clogging, do not flush anything other than waste and toilet paper. Feminine hygiene products and paper towels should be thrown in the trash can. Grease, oil and coffee grounds from the kitchen can cause clumps of matter in the pipes and can cause your toilet to back up, so it’s best to keep them out of your toilet. We also recommend that homeowners keep the area around the toilet free of objects that can fall into the bowl and be flushed, such as soaps and other small items.

What are Some Water Heater Problems?

Homeowners often assume that water heater issues are restricted to problems with heating the water and therefore do not recognize when their water heater is in need of servicing. Some common water heater problems include:

Water with a rotten egg smell – This often means that the tank on your water heater is contaminated with bacteria.

No hot water – This usually indicates that the heating element or gas thermocouple needs to be replaced.

Sounds from the heater – Sediment from your water softener may have accumulated or the heating element is faulty.

Leaking from the tank – A leak often indicates that the tank has a crack and the heater needs to be replaced. Some leaks indicate that pipe fittings are loose and simply need to be repaired.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Some plumbing problems are urgent and cannot be fixed with the tools most homeowners have on hand. In these cases it is best to shut off the main water valve in your home and call an emergency plumber. Many plumbing problems are caused by inexperienced homeowners trying to make repairs on their own. Although it may be tempting to save money, it is important to ensure that your plumbing system is repaired properly to prevent future problems. Some common emergency plumbing problems are:

Burst pipes – When pipes burst, rooms in your home may become flooded with water. Pipes often burst after extremely cold weather that causes water in your pipes to freeze and expand, breaking the pipes.

Leaks – Leaks can cause water damage in your walls, which can lead to a host of problems such as structural damage and mold.

Overflowing toilets – Overflowing toilets usually indicate a clog somewhere in the pipe. They often continue running after flushing and can leave your bathroom a mess. A toilet overflow problem that is not repaired quickly may leave families at risk for disease and other health problems.

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Here at Petri Plumbing, we know how to tackle any plumbing problem, no matter how big or how small. Call us today at (718) 748-1254 to schedule an appointment with a Greenpoint plumber.

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