Why Natural Gas Feels Warmer… and Other Natural Gas Facts

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If you’ve ever experienced a home heated with natural gas versus one heated with an electric pump, you probably noticed the natural gas heat was warmer.

That’s because a gas furnace delivers heat that’s as much as 25 degrees warmer. So, if you’re standing over the vents to get warm, you’d better hope you have natural gas.

Natural gas heat is a popular commodity in January for many other reasons, however. Here are some facts about natural gas you may not have known.

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Natural Gas is Cleaner

Natural gas is cleaner than other similar heating fuels. It emits significantly less carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur and other contaminants when it’s burned than other fossil fuels, and its use has reduced cumulative carbon dioxide emissions by 61%, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Bamboo Was Used as Natural Gas Pipelines

In about 500 BC, the Chinese discovered a variety of areas where natural gas rose to the Earth’s surface. In order to pump the gas back to their villages, they built crude pipelines out of bamboo shoots.

The gas was then used to boil seawater so the Chinese could separate the water from the salt. They then had both potable water for consumption and salt to season and preserve food.

Natural Gas is Reliable

According to the Gas Technology Institute, service disruptions for natural gas are rare. In fact, most outages are the result of planned service outages. Estimates show that the natural gas delivery system in the United States is 92% efficient from production to the customer.

Gas Was Commercialized in the 1700s

Britain was the first country to turn natural gas into a commercialized commodity. In the late 1700s, natural gas was used to illuminate homes and light up city street lamps. In the United States, Baltimore, Maryland, was the first city to use natural gas in its street lamps in 1816.

It Reduces Demand on the Grid

Natural gas helps supplement and satisfy the United States’ demand for energy. Without the use of natural gas, residential electricity would be double what is used today during peak hourly demand.

Natural Gas is Preferred for Cooking

Most chefs swear by it, but today’s modern chef isn’t alone. Natural gas was first used for cooking by the Persians in the first century AD. Since there wasn’t a modern piping system, the king of Persia had his kitchen built next to a natural gas fissure to fuel his stoves.

As you can see, natural gas is a popular heating source for a variety of things. And your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning know natural gas as a component in many area furnaces.

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