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If you are a homeowner then you must have installed a sump pump in your basement. Most of the people don’t consider much about the sump pump, and they do realize the existence of it when it is not working properly and needs repair. But they become aware of it at the stage when it is bit late, and it might have gone out of repair even. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the regular maintenance of your sump pump, as it will save you a lot of money in the long-term perspective.

Many of us don’t observe the problem until the basement has started flooding. Hence, there are some indications, which must be considered by the homeowners when their sump pump requires maintenance. Firstly, in this regard, if one smells a bad odor, he must realize that it could be coming from the sump pump. The mildew and mold will be building up very fast that will inflict a huge damage to the basement. The people living in the home could also face health issues if the mold hiding behind the drywall in the basement is not quickly removed. Most of the times the system seals or vents are to be replaced if not cleaned on time, so you must call a plumber before it is causing you a costly repair.

Secondly, if you hear the loud or strange noises that come out of sump pump then it’s quite possible that there is something wrong with it. The pump might be having mechanical problems if the loud noise is heard. The system might also be blocked or jammed if loud noise is heard. It must then be repaired immediately, as your sump pump must perform quietly and smoothly.

Third, if a backup battery is not installed in your sump pump then chances are that it will switch off in case of a rainstorm. Resultantly, the basement will be filled with water. So, you must either purchase a sump pump that already has a backup battery, or you must install one later. Lastly, you must consult a professional plumbing company to fix your sump pump.

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