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Why is my drain clogged? Tree roots?

Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

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Tree roots and sewer lines don’t mix

Trees are beautiful amenities. Trees provide aesthetic beauty and needed shade during hot summer months. Despite the advantages of having trees on your property the root systems can cause a lot of damage. Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines and cause a backup and a lot of times can create a very expensive situation to rectify.

Tree root issues are especially prevalent in older homes that have decayed piping systems. The tree roots infiltrate cracks in the pipes. If the sewer line pipes are not cleaned regularly the roots can necessitate an expensive replacement of the entire sewer piping system. Since the sewer pipes are buried underground homeowners generally are not aware of any issues until it’s too late.

One way to prevent sewer backups due to tree root infiltration is to have the older piping system replaced with PVC drain pipe. However this can be very expensive, as it necessitates hiring someone with a backhoe to dig up the old piping and then replace it. Most homeowners are not in a position to do such extensive and expensive preventative maintenance.

If homeowners know there piping system is susceptible to root infiltration it is a good idea to have a plumbing professional clean out the roots annually. While this can be relatively expensive, it is a reliable way to keep roots out of sewer drain pipes.

Another alternative recommended by plumbers after snaking the lines is to run rock salt or some other type of commercial root killer through the lines each month or as directed. These substances will kill the roots and is a relatively inexpensive way to maintain root free sewer drain pipes.

Additionally, as trees die or are cut down, it’s a good idea to replace them with slower growing trees. But even with these types of trees root systems will eventually cause the same issues, but not as quickly as the more rapid growing trees would.

There are clearly a range of options to keep roots out of sewer drain pipes. You should consult with a professional and assess which option or options would be best.

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