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What Type of Water Heater is Right for You?

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With multiple types of water heaters available today, it can be a bit more difficult to understand and decide which one is right for your Brooklyn home. The size of your house, heat source, and your hot water needs can factor into what is the most-efficient option.

A pro Brooklyn plumber at Petri Plumbing & Heating will help you understand the different types available for your hot water needs.

Traditional Water Heaters

A conventional, or traditional water heater, is the most common type of heating system in residential households. It features a tank which heats and holds warm water in a reservoir. It works by pulling hot water from the tank during usage, whether sink, shower, laundry, or other sources. Meanwhile, the tank refills and heats incoming water to replace. The size of the water heater determines how much hot water will flow before it runs out, so having a properly sized unit for your home is necessary to make sure you do not run out before it can heat back up.

Indirect Water Heaters

For most homes, an indirect water heater is a more-efficient choice. Using the main furnace or boiler, it circulates and heats a fluid through a heat exchanger within the storage tank. Energy is saved by the furnace turning off and on less frequently. A well-insulated tank and a high-efficiency boiler, used in conjunction with an indirect water heater, will generally provide hot water at a lower overall cost. We are one of the few companies in Brooklyn that specializes in indirect water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater will cost more up front than the other types of water heaters, however, they are more energy efficient and last longer. Additionally, it takes up less space due to not having a hot water reservoir. When a hot water faucet is utilized, water flows through the heat exchanger or heater coils installed on the main furnace or boiler for more of an “on demand” hot water experience.

Your Brooklyn Water Heater Experts

Depending on whether a traditional, indirect, or tankless water heater is used, they can be powered by electric, gas, oil, propane, solar energy, or a combination of these. Contact us at Petri Plumbing & Heating to speak to one of our experts to evaluate the right water heater solution for your needs!

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