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What To Know About Sewer Line Repair

Ocean Hills Sewer Line Repair

A sewer line in need of repair can cause a wide array of plumbing problems. The need for sewer line repair is most likely a result of what is going on beneath your yard. The roots from your trees usually are the cause of a damaged line. Roots invade the pipes which results in major damage. Other factors can also lead to having to have a sewer line repaired. Here is what to know about sewer line repair.

Roots are a huge problem do the fact that there are a lot of them and they want water. Due to warm air the pipes produce a water vapor that the roots of trees are attracted to. They then enter the pipes through a small crack or any other small opening available. Over time the roots will fill the sewer line. As roots are spreading your line will clog which will slow down your drainage system.

Other reasons for having to have your sewer line repaired are object becoming lodged in the line, ground shifting and extreme changes in temperature. If an object is lodged in the sewer line it may become broken or clogged. Ground shifting can result in a misaligned sewer and extreme changes in temperature can cause the line to deteriorate and eventually begin to buckle.

For those who need to have to have a sewer line repair there are two options. The first is the traditional way which involves excavating your yard. Although it can be quite costly it can get the job done. An alternative option is trenchless sewer repair. This method is quick, requires no serious excavation and will last a very long time.

Overall, there are a few important things to know about sewer line repair. You have to know where the problem stems from and know what options are available in terms of repair. Several professionals out there can fix the problem and eliminate your plumbing woes.

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