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What to Expect During a New Air Conditioning Installation

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Now that summer is in full swing, you may be feeling the heat.

Especially if your air conditioning has gone out and you’ve decided to purchase a new unit.

But now that you’ve made that decision, what can you expect from your HVAC company when it comes time to install it?

Your Brooklyn cooling experts want you to know what to expect before, during and after the installation.

Before the Install

Prior to the installation, your HVAC technicians will order the system and ensure they have all the tools they need to do the job correctly. They will also confirm the date and time for your installation.

For your part, please make sure you move valuable items located around the installation site to a safe place. Ensure that children or animals are kept away from the area of the home where your HVAC technicians will be working.

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Installation Day

The big day has arrived, and your house will soon be cool again.

Your HVAC team should arrive and introduce themselves to you. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with your team and that you open the lines of communication.

Your installation team will then begin moving your outdoor furniture and other items out of the way if there is not a clear path to the unit’s location. If the HVAC unit is located indoors, they will lay drop cloths to protect your flooring.

Before they begin, they will turn off any electric or gas service lines to protect them, you and your home during the installation.

The Installation Process

Because your existing HVAC system contains a refrigerant, special precautions are taken to ensure any device containing this gas is handled properly. Your HVAC technician must carry a certification in order to perform this task, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. You can’t just dump this refrigerant into the atmosphere, so special containment tools are used to safely handle the removal.

Once removal is completed, your team will then remove any old electrical wiring and prepare the area to receive the new unit. This includes ensuring that the slab under the unit is level and that the copper line set is replaced.

They will also install a new indoor evaporator coil on top of your furnace and make sure you have a new condensate drain line.

A New Working System

Once they’ve made all these installations and adjustments, your HVAC team will turn on the system to see how it works. At this point, the tech will also check that your thermostat is working properly or install the new one.

After Installation

Once the installation is complete and the technician has ensured it is running properly, the installation team will begin cleaning up the area. If you also get a new thermostat with your air conditioning, they will train you on its uses and programmable features.

At this point, you should be up and running. If you experience any issues over the first few days after installation, call your HVAC company to ask questions or schedule a follow-up appointment.

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