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Help! What To Do For A Plumbing Emergency

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From burst pipes to overflowing toilets and general leaks, a plumbing emergency can happen at any time. There will be moments when the only solution is professional plumbing help, but you can decrease damages by practicing safe plumbing habits.

Plumbing Emergency Tips

In the event of a plumbing emergency, make sure you know just what to do by following these helpful tips:

Overflowing toilet? If you flush and your toilet begins to overflow, locate its water shut off valve. This should be underneath the tank and by turning it clock-wise, you’ll stop the flow of water to the toliet. If plunging doesn’t help remove the clog, you may have to call a professional.

Water coming from underneath the sink? A leaking kitchen sink can cause a number of damages, so it’s important to act fast. Underneath will be two valves that control the flow of hot and cold water – make sure to turn both of these off – not just one. If the sink is still leaking, you may have to shut off your house’s main water supply before calling a professional plumber.

Standing water in your tub? If you find dirty, standing water in your tub, you likely have a backed up or clogged drainpipe. Check to see if the tub itself is clogged and if it is, call a professional plumber and don’t flush the toilet.

Hear a rushing water noise? This is usually an indication of a burst pipe. These tend to happen during the winter time and if they do, you need to shut off your water supply quickly. By having your shut off valves tagged, you can find the appropriate ones needed while you wait for a professional to arrive.

During a plumbing emergency, it’s important to not panic, act quickly, and have a professional plumber who you can trust on call. At Petri Plumbing, we offer Brooklyn and Manhattan emergency plumbing assistance for all types of issues, so make sure to save 718-748-1254 in your phone today.

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