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What should I do before buying a home?

Reasons Why a Plumbing Inspection Is Important for New Home Owners

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Whether a home being bought is a fixer-upper or a brand-new dwelling, securing the keys to it is cause for celebration, and the new owner can’t wait to move in. However, there are good reasons why a new home-owner-to-be shouldn’t pass up on dealing with mundane technicalities in favor of a faster move-in. A plumbing inspection is one such technicality. While the home itself might be perfect on the surface, it is the internal aspect of the structure that should be the ultimate deal-making factor.

Home Inspectors Are Not Plumbing Experts: Although a general home inspection may be a no-brainer, most new home owners don’t consider hiring an actual plumber for a more specific plumbing inspection. A general inspector will not know enough about plumbing to tell you the extent of any damage that might have occurred to the system, while a licensed plumber will be able to tell you if your pipes were worked on previously and what was done. If any surface of the home sustained water damage, a general inspector might be able to tell you so just by looking at it, but a plumber will be able to extrapolate what kind of damage occurred and what consequences that might have on your home in the long run.

The Pipes Need A Thorough Assessment: Before the new home owner signs the dotted lines, bringing in a plumber to assess the state of the pipes is a wise move. A plumber can determine if the entire hydraulic system is connected correctly, and whether or not the home is experiencing any cross-connection issues. Cross-connections can result in contaminated water, especially if a pipe it tapping into city water when it shouldn’t do so, which may be the case in some instances.

Overall, hiring a plumber to perform a thorough plumbing inspection may save a new home owner a lot of money, both up front and in the years to come. If any issues need fixing, the plumber can be of assistance and can also take preventive measures to ensure no further major issues arise in the near future.

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