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When choosing the type of home heating system one wants for their Williamsburg home, there are two main choices: boilers or furnaces. Boilers work on a very different set of principles than the more common furnace and there are a number of advantages that the boiler offers a homeowner that a furnace just cannot. Boilers do not work on the forced-air principle that furnaces do. This provides an initial, but very big advantage of being a better option for those with allergies or sensitives to dry air. Boilers produce far less dust and do not create the steady flow of hot dry air throughout a home’s duct work.

That is just a minor advantage, however. What follows are a number of significant advantages that a boiler provides to a homeowner.

Comfortable Radiant Heat
Typically, a home boiler system works by heating water which is pumped through small pipes or tubes throughout the home, most often the floor. This provides for what is called radiant heating, an incredibly efficient form of heating. The heat starts at the floor and rises up to warm the air in the rest of the home. This means no more stepping out of bed onto a cold floor and the home stays consistently comfortable with this unique form of heating.

More Efficiency
An electric boiler, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, can be up to 90% efficient. This is far higher than the efficiency ratings on even the best furnace on the market. The way heat is distributed through the home, in a natural rising manner, is far more energy efficient than heating air and forcing it through a network of ducts. What this number really means is that 90% of the energy used by the boiler system actually stays in the home in the form of heat.

Boilers provide a number of advantages that traditional furnaces do not offer and can be an excellent choice for the homeowner looking for a new heating system. Radiant heat provides a consistently comfortable environment, more efficiently than furnaces. They keep one’s home comfortable without a reliance on dusty, dry forced-air furnaces.

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