Ways to reduce the energy consumption in your house

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How to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption

Brooklyn Water Heater Maintenance

When it comes to an increasing water bill, a lot of it is based on negligence. That can mean a lot of things such as leaving on water, long showers, etc. If you have a high water bill, you may need to cut back on some things. If you’re looking to reduce water heater energy consumption, follow the simple steps outlined below.

Substitute baths for showers

First of all you won’t have to waste so much water by filling the tub up. This can take a lot of time which means your bill will certainly rise with frequent baths. A shower is much better because you can just set it on to a certain setting and turn the water off as you clean the body. You can turn it back on when you clean the suds and dirt off your body. It’s a good way keep control.

Make sure you fix your leaks

It’s very important because you can really get a high water bill by leaving a leaky sink alone. Have someone replace your faucets or get a sink if it’s that bad. Every second that your sink leaks adds to huge bill and means you’ve wasted gallons of water. Do you feel like your bill is way too high? Take a look at your faucets and see if it still leaks after shutting it off. Have a plumber look at the pipes.

Brooklyn PlumberUse cold water for your laundry

Using hot water is not really energy efficient. If you are doing loads of laundry, use cold water for most of them. Only go for the hot water when you have special items that actually call for the use of hot water. Additionally, you should try to wash your clothes when you have bigger loads to save more money.

Use water in short bouts

Seconds of running water can equals to gallons wasted. Turn the faucet off as you brush and put it back on as you rinse. This is the same when you wash your face; lather then rinse. Also, you should make sure to do the same when you wash your dishes.

Keep an eye on the toilet

Make sure your toilet runs well. If you notice that your toilet keeps running even after the bowl fills up, you may to replace the inner workings. Call a plumber to see what’s going on. Having a toilet run for a while can drive your bill up hundreds of dollars.

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