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What’s Water Heater Maintenance All About?

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Is Your Water Heater Running Smoothly?
Water heater maintenance

A water heater is the kind of appliance that is usually out of sight and out of mind. It is rarely called to attention unless someone is surprised with a cold shower. Regular water heater maintenance is integral to it’s continued function. Little problems let go can turn into big ones in a hurry. Here are a few water heater ailments that a homeowner needs to be aware of.

Slow Heating: You may notice that the water needs to run quite a while before it gets hot. If this can be compared to a reasonable amount of past heating time, then one or both of the elements need to be replaced. Here’s a tip, if the element in the bottom needs to be replaced, hot water appears quickly but fades to cold. If the top element needs replacing, the water stays lukewarm.

Rusty water Coming From Hot Water Faucets: This is a classic annoyance that is common to older water heaters. There is probably a pile of mineral sediment built up in the bottom of the tank. Fortunately, the sediment can be easily removed from the tank. Keep in mind that left to its own devices, the sediment will eventually cause the water heater to fail, and replacement will be necessary.

Leaking Water: This is an alert for internal failure. The time for immediate water heater replacement has arrived.The leak can ruin floors or carpet if unchecked. If not replaced, the cost of flooring and carpeting will become evident, as well as a steep utility bill for all that hot water ruining the floor.

Realizing the warning signs of water heater distress can often defuse a potentially pricey situation. In fact, most water heater problems are easily solved and don’t cost a lot of money to address. The keys to the kingdom are observation and maintenance. Got a problem with your water heater in Brooklyn? Give us a call at 718-748-1254 and let us take care of you.

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