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Make Sure Your Brooklyn HVAC is Ready for Summer

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Would you drive your car cross-country without getting a tune-up first? Of course, you wouldn’t! You would want to get everything checked out to make sure it doesn’t fail when you need it most.

The same holds true for your Brooklyn HVAC as summer starts to heat up. Getting it checked out and tuned up today lowers your chances of a breakdown when temperatures really soar. Not only that, but a tune-up will help your air conditioner run more efficiently, saving you money on summer energy bills.

When Should You Get a Tune-Up?

Your Brooklyn service experts at Petri Plumbing & Heating recommend that you get your air conditioning system tuned up at least once a year, either in fall or spring before you start the heat or A/C for the season. This way, you can identify and fix any problems that could become catastrophes down the road.

In addition, spring and fall are great times to schedule a tune-up because demand for heating and cooling services is relatively low. You can book an appointment that fits your busy schedule.

What Will You Get?

When our HVAC service expert visits your home to tune up your HVAC system, they will use the latest techniques and technology to inspect your entire heating and cooling system. Then, they will perform routine maintenance to get your systems working at tip-top shape. Some of the services include:

  • Inspect and change/clean air filters.
  • Inspect belts for wear or cracking.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Inspect, adjust and tighten electrical connections.
  • Inspect fan blades.
  • Test air flow and energy efficiency.
  • Check evaporator coil and blowers.
  • Test thermostat.
  • And much more.

Peace of Mind

Scheduling an inspection now will give you peace of mind all summer and all winter long. If you run a natural gas system, regular inspections are vital to your family’s safety. A tune-up will include a check of your natural gas lines and connections, making sure they aren’t cracked and failing. As always, if you smell the telltale rotten eggs odor of natural gas, evacuate immediately and call 911 from a safe distance. Then, call Petri Plumbing & Heating for repair.

If you are ready to schedule a tune-up or repair, we would love to hear from you. Contact Petri Plumbing & Heating today!

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