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What Do Toilet Leaks Mean? Asking the Plumbing Doctor

Toilet leaks left untreated can mean serious damage to your home and serious money down the drain. We should know. We’ve been Brooklyn’s Plumber for over 100 years. We’ve seen it all.

While it may not seem like a big issue, a toilet leak needs to be fixed before turning into a larger problem. If you have a leaking toilet, you can count on the Brooklyn toilet repair experts at Petri Plumbing to help solve any issues.

There are a number of reasons that your toilet may be leaking. The most common problems of toilet leaks include:

Leak Around the Base of the Toilet

To prevent toilet leaks, in toilet installation a toilet is installed with a wax seal that is designed to help your toilet fit properly against your floor. Over time, the wax seal can break down or can become dislodged, leading to a leaking situation. If you notice your toilet water leaking at the base, you need to have a new wax seal installed to ensure proper fit.

Toilet Leaks and Toilet Clogs

Families, especially with younger children, have likely experienced a situation where a foreign object is flushed that leads to a clog. Oh, the stories our technicians could tell about what they’ve found.

Other clogging situations can come from having an improper amount of water flow or the use of too much toilet tissue. Clogs that are left untreated can force water back up into your bowl, overflowing the top. This can present a serious water issue, along with a dangerous health situation related to dirty water.

Constant Running Water From Your Toilet

If your home toilet continues to run after flushing, the reason is usually worn-out components in the toilet. Besides being annoying, a constantly running toilet can make your water bill rise drastically, costing you money. Replacing or repairing the inner workings of your toilet by a professional plumber can easily fix the situation.

If you are dealing with a leaking, clogged or constantly running toilet, the team at Petri Plumbing can repair the problem quickly and inexpensively. If you need assistance, contact us at (718) 748-1254 today for fast, quick, reliable service!

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