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Tips for a Successful Gas Line Inspection

So, you’re ready to upgrade to natural gas appliances in your Brooklyn home, but it takes more than just a call to the utility to get cooking. The New York City Department of Buildings has stringent gas authorization requirements that will require the services of a professional Brooklyn plumber to meet.

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Gas authorization requirements

The authorization requirements for the use of gas in homes include:

  • All gas-fired equipment be fully installed.
  • For dryers, hot water heaters, boilers and HVAC units, all flue, air venting and safety control wiring must be complete.
  • A successful gas pipe test no more than a year old.

Meeting these requirements is not a job for an amateur. Petri Plumbing & Heating is happy to help our neighbors with gas line and appliance installation services. Our goal is to keep homeowners safe and comfortable.

Advantages of Natural Gas

When installed and used safety, natural gas appliances are less costly to operate than their electrical counterparts.  Gas heats up quickly, making ovens, heating systems, or dryers efficient. Regular maintenance and inspection of your natural gas system will help prevent dangerous leaks and keep it running at peak capacity.

Natural Gas Safety

City authorities are cracking down on gas plumbing issues. In 2015, the DOB and Con Edison began to share inspection data after unsafe gas conditions were found. Authorities are determined to ensure that gas service will remain suspended until the problems are resolved. It’s vital that homeowners take the upkeep of their natural gas systems seriously.

Petri Plumbing offers services including water and gas pipe leak repair and installation, fixture installations, inspections, boiler repair, water heater installation, complete bathroom, kitchen, laundry and utility room remodeling and more.

If you are interested in readying your home for the use natural gas, call the professionals at Petri Plumbing today to learn more about our services!

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