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Tips on Hiring the Right Plumber for Your Shower Installation

Brooklyn Shower Installation

Hiring a plumber to install a shower in Brooklyn home shouldn’t be that difficult. Showers, nowadays, seem to be very high-tech to a layperson, but a competent and professional plumber will know how to install a shower with all manner of bells and whistles, from body jets and misters to built-in foot massagers.

If the homeowner doesn’t wish to use the contractor who originally installed her plumbing system or doesn’t know who that contractor is, she can begin by asking for recommendations from colleagues, friends, relatives and neighbors. Neighbors might be especially helpful, for a plumber who worked on a neighbor’s home will be familiar with the area’s building codes and ordinances and probably has an office nearby. This is important, since many plumbers charge their customers for travel time.

The homeowner can also research plumbers through professional plumbers’ organizations, the Better Business Bureau, her city or town’s Chamber of Commerce, or a local building contractor.

After she’s gathered the names of plumbers, she can arrange to interview at least three of them in person. Ideally, the plumber might come to the house and see the bathroom where the shower is to be installed.

The homeowner should, first of all, feel comfortable around the plumber. She should make sure that he’s licensed, bonded and insured and that he guarantees his parts and labor. If a plumber isn’t unlicensed or can’t guarantee his work, his services shouldn’t be used. The homeowner should also ask how many showers he’s installed and if he’s installed any showers like the type of shower the homeowner’s interested in. He should also be happy to provide the homeowner with references.

The homeowner should then get an estimate from the plumber or put the job out for bid. Generally, it’s best to discard a price that’s too high or a price that’s suspiciously low. The homeowner and the plumber should then sign a written contract detailing the work. If the plumber doesn’t want to sign a written contract, the homeowner shouldn’t use his services.

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