Three Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

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There are few things worse than getting up in the morning to take a warm shower and having no water pressure.

low water pressure

But, after checking to make sure no one is washing a load of dishes and doing laundry at the same time, you still have no pressure, you may have a problem.

The Brooklyn plumbing experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning want to help. Here are three reasons why your water pressure might be too low.

1.     Faulty Plumbing Fixtures

If the water pressure is low in only one or two fixtures in your home, the problem might be localized.

Aerators on fixtures are there to reduce the volume of water without changing the pressure. Sometimes, however, dirt, rust or limestone can build up inside the aerator and restrict the water flow more.

Try turning off the water, removing the fixture and cleaning it. If the problem is simply a buildup of debris, this should fix the problem.

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2.     Clogged Water Lines

You may have a buildup of waste in your water line. If this is the case, then the water from the supply lines is being restricted, reducing your water pressure.

If you live in an old home, especially one that has old, galvanized steel lines, you might have corroded pipes. These pipes should be replaced with PVC or copper for the best results.

But all pipes age. Copper pipes last about 50 years, while PVC pipes can last for 100 years. If you have an older home, it may be time to consider repiping all or part of your home’s piping system.

You should also check with your water supplier to make sure there haven’t been disruptions in the lines before making a final determination.

3.     Leaking Water Pipes

Be sure and check your ceiling for water spots and your floor for pooled water. If you see any wet spots and you have low pressure, you may have a leak.

And, while reduced water pressure isn’t fun, the bigger problem is water damage. This can cause mold and rot, which are detrimental to your home and health.

If you suspect you have a leaky pipe, call a reputable plumber immediately. You don’t want to have more damage on top of a leaky pipe repair.

If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens, we can be that reputable plumber. We’ve fixed the plumbing in these areas for more than 115 years and understand the sensitivity of older New York homes. Call Petri today at (718) 748-1254 or contact us online to book a service call.

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