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The Pros of Ductless AC from Brooklyn’s HVAC Pros

It's summer in Brooklyn for Petri

You might have noticed that people are talking about ductless HVAC. That’s because ductless mini-split systems have become a popular home heating and cooling option! With the wide variety of mini-split models available, and the ease of installation compared to traditional HVAC systems, ductless units are becoming a go-to option for Brooklyn cooling systems, especially in homes where traditional HVAC would be difficult to install

Mini-Split AC Makes Your Home Greener

As Brooklyn’s green plumbers, we think efficiency is a big deal, and mini-splits maximize efficiency in more ways than one. In addition to being based on heat pump technology and using less electricity than traditional HVAC systems, they offer quick installation and can sometimes be up and running within a day. And because mini-splits eliminate ductwork, they don’t require extensive renovation to install.  

All that means a home that uses ductless mini-split units is greener by default. Mini-split units also take up less space than bulky and unsightly window-mounted AC units. Modern mini-split systems can be installed as out-of-the-way wall-mounted units.

Ditch Those Window Units and Go Ductless

In historic homes here in Brooklyn, mini-split systems are an easy solution to another problem: adding ductwork to a house or brownstone can require planning permission from the city, and extensive structural renovations to historic structures may not receive approval. A ductless unit, however, doesn’t damage the integrity of the home and installing them only requires as much renovation as running a new plumbing line and adding an electrical outlet.

Mini-Split AC Pros

If you need a new way to beat the heat of a Brooklyn summer, or stay warm during our cold winters, a ductless unit might be just what you’re looking for. Call Petri Plumbing & Heating at (718)-489-2921 or contact us online to learn more.

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