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The Importance of Insulating Your Water Heater

Brooklyn Water Heater Insulation

Insulating a water heater will create better temperature control and also save you money in the long run. Water heaters remain in stand by mode for long periods of time. This mode will maintain a certain temperature at all times in case hot water is needed. However, when a water heater is not insulated properly then it may wind up losing most of the heat it attempts to generate. This causes the water to have an inconsistent temperature. This also causes the water heater itself to work extra hard to produce hot water. This causes a very inefficient amount of energy consumption. Insulating a water heater will conserve energy and save you money.

Water heaters make up a large part of a home’s energy bill. Conserving as much energy as possible will greatly lower your bill and save you money over time. Insulating a water heater is a simple job that pays for itself over time. The insulation process can be as easy as surrounding the tank with a specialized sheet designed to trap heat. This will allow the water to remain at a reasonable temperature. When the water remains warm then the heater will not have to work as hard or use as much energy. Insulation may also involve a bottom board installation. This prevents any heat loss from underneath the tank. Heat loss is unnecessary and can be easily remedied.

Insulating your water heater can reduce your energy bill by ten percent. A ten percent reduction in energy costs has a huge impact over the years. There is a lot of money that can easily be saved by reducing the amount of energy your water heater consumes. One way to tell if your water heater is working too hard is to feel the outside of the tank. However, this can be dangerous. A water heater that is working too hard will likely be very hot to touch. It can even burn your skin. It is best to get help from a professional water heater maintenance company in order to safely determine the efficiency of your water heater.

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