The Best Way to Liven up Your Home: Adopt a Shelter Dog

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October is known for a lot of great things from beautiful foliage to football games to Halloween-related events.

But, did you know it’s also National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Humane Society have set aside October as a time to focus on the 3.1 million dogs who are placed in shelters each year.

At Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, pet adoption is near and dear to our hearts. Earlier this year, we were able to work with Social Tees Animal Rescue, a non-profit, no-kill rescue in New York City, to foster a dog until she could find her forever home. Lotus, a Blue Heeler mix, stayed with us for several weeks until her new family was ready for her.

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, including:

1. Rescue a Senior Shelter Dog

We know puppies are hard to resist, but older dogs need love, too. Adopting an older dog who is already housebroken and less destructive to your home and furniture is perfect for many families who don’t have time to train but have love to give.

2. Share Your Story

If you’ve adopted a shelter pet, let others know your success story. Some people have the misconception that shelter dogs may not be a good option. Hearing about your positive experience, however, may be the catalyst that saves one more shelter dog.

3. Foster a Dog

If you already have a dog (or more than one) and know you cannot commit to adopting another one for the long term, you can opt to foster a dog, like we did at Petri. You can provide a safe and caring temporary home to a dog who is in transition. Fostering a pet also frees up another spot in the shelter so that one more dog can be rescued.

So, to celebrate this month, your Brooklyn home service experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning encourage you to liven up your home by adopting a dog. Do what you can to alleviate the stress placed on the thousands of rescue groups that are running shelters throughout the United States. Whether you adopt or foster a dog temporarily, all efforts are welcome.

If you’d like to learn more about our foster dog, Lotus, or if you need help with your plumbing, heating, cooling or drains, give Petri a call at (718) 748-1254 or contact us online today.

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