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April showers can mean flooding dangers for Brooklyn residents. With average springtime rainfall at nearly 12 inches for NYC, the foundations of many businesses, apartments and homes are at risk. Severe weather can also plague Brooklynites, meaning now is the time to take preventative measures to ensure your building’s foundation is safe from flooding.

As long-time Brooklyn plumbers, we often recommend sump pumps and their similar counterparts, ejector pumps, for our clients looking to protect their foundations and basements. If you’re curious about these devices, here are the top two benefits of sump pumps for Brooklyn businesses and residents:

Flood prevention – A sump pump acts as the main defense for flooded basement prevention as it’s installed at the lowest point in a building. Often inserted into a pit, the pump collects rising water and transfers it away from your foundation and out to a municipal sewer system. Many systems also feature a one-way valve to ensure the water doesn’t return back into your home.

Wastewater backup prevention – Like a sump pump, an ejector pump can protect your Brooklyn home from damaging wastewater backups. These are plumbed into your home sewer line and work to move gray water from your washing machine and laundry room away from your basement plumbing. Also, if your bathroom is below a city sewage level or home septic system, an ejector pump is highly recommended to be able to push that wastewater up to outgoing pipes.

Having a Brooklyn sump pump or ejector pump installed is a great step toward structural longevity and overall easy home maintenance. While beneficial, these systems are not meant to operate without any attention and should be checked for proper working condition before they’re needed most. Early spring is a great time to have yours inspected to ensure its float and pump motor are working properly. Professional plumbers can help with time-saving sump pump maintenance and services.

If you’re ready to have a sump pump installed, or want to make sure yours is working properly in Brooklyn, give Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning a call at 718-748-1254 today.

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