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How Can Tankless Water Heaters Decrease Your Monthly Bills?

Brooklyn Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters, or demand type water heaters, save money on energy costs. This is because they provide hot water on an as needed basis. There is no extra cost of storing water such as with traditional water heaters. These expenses are referred to as stand-by losses.

The way tankless water heaters work is that when you turn on the hot water, cold water runs through a pipe to the unit. Depending on energy choices, either a gas burner or electric element heats up the cold water. There is no waiting to any tank to fill. Hot water becomes instantly available. By this fact alone, money is saved by not running water to wait for it to turn warm or hot.

How much that can be saved by using tankless water heaters, depends on the amount of water used on a daily basis. Is less than 41 gallons of hot water is used per day, this can make the heater be up to 34% more efficient. This is in comparison to traditional storage tank water heaters. If a home uses up to 86 gallons of hot water per day, energy-saving percentage drops anywhere from 8 to 14%. In order to achieve a greater efficiency rating, possibly up to 50%, a person could install a tankless water heater at each outlet for hot water. With this option, the average family could save up to $100 per year and sometimes more.

It does make a difference if you use electric or gas as your heating choice. Electric water heaters usually cost about $40-$80 per year in energy costs. Gas tankless heaters usually run about $50-$100 per year in energy costs.

While purchasing a tankless water heater can cost two to four times more, long-term savings is often the deciding factor. With a 20 year or greater life expectancy, easy to replace parts, and lower energy costs, the savings tend to make up for the initial output. Traditional water heaters tend to last about 10 to 15 years, usually expiring due to corrosion.

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