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Although the online videos and encouraging do it yourself kits make many household tasks seem like light work, there are quite a few projects that should be left to the professionals. In the first place, not everyone is as handy around they house as they would like to believe. In the second place, the frustration and inefficiency of attempting a professional project with amateur experience quite simply results in an exercise in futility. Plumbing projects in particular can end up being much more costly when a professional plumber is required to come in and repair the damage caused by a botched home remedy.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Plumbing Safety
One of the most compelling reasons to not try a DIY plumbing project is the possibility of dangerous errors. Plumbing and electrical components present a very real likelihood of an inexperienced person causing a disaster or painful accident. A simple mix up could result in scalding hot water unexpectedly flowing from a facet. Worst case scenarios include flooding and property damage from faulty hardware applications or blundered pipe construction and combinations.

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Other than the obvious problems that could arise from inexperienced people trying to perform complex plumbing repairs or maintenance, some of those common mistakes could also void warranties on hardware, accessories, and even homeowner insurance clauses. Fixtures that are broken due to over tightening or other installation mistakes that render the item unusable may not be eligible for replacement or reimbursement by the manufacturer. Voided warranties represent additional labor and material costs that are likely to be the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Saving Money In The Long Run
Perhaps the most convincing argument that people can make against DIY projects in the home is the absence of cost savings. While it may seem that tackling routine plumbing projects alone is a great way to save money, the opposite is usually true. When people get in over their heads, they usually need to call in a professional to finish the project. In addition, people without experience in the industry probably do not have necessary tools or equipment to take on an advanced plumbing project. The extra funds spend on these tools and an eventual certified professional are more costly and time consuming in the long run than hiring a plumber from the very beginning. It is best to leave specialized project to professional who have been expertly trained to do them.

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