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Steps to take in the case of a plumbing emergency

plumbing emergency
Plumbing emergency

Plumbing emergencies can spring up at any time. Local emergency plumbers are available to handle any problems that can spring up. The piping and plumbing system in a home is so complex that an issue can spring up at just about any time. You can try your best to reduce the problem but without the help of a local plumber like Petri Plumbing in Brooklyn, NY, the problem will persist. Moreover, when emergencies spring up, it’s often at the worst time, when you are either incapable of attending to the problem or even late at night. 24-hour emergency plumbers will have your back.

When an emergency comes up, there are a few steps you can take to make situation a lot easier on yourself. These easy actions can protect your home from damage to floors or walls.

–          Turn off the main water supply to the house. The water supply to the house has a shut off valve outside the house. You will need a pipe wrench in order to turn the valve off. As soon as the water is turned off, the water will stop running into the house. Mop up excessive amounts of water that is on the floor or walls.

–          When water pipes burst, there may be water shooting up in the air, hitting the walls and running on the floor. Turn off the valve leading to the area of the leak so that you can continue to use the water in the rest of your home. Clean it up as best you can so that your paint or wallpaper will not be damaged.

–          Place a bucket or pan under small leaks. Many times, there are small leaks under the kitchen sinks or bathroom pipes. Put a pot or bucket under the leak to catch the dripping water and dry up water sitting on the base of the cabinet. Call an emergency plumber to come out to access your leak. The plumber is available 24 hours a day. They always have the tools and parts to repair or stop the leak while they get the parts needed.

Plumbing emergencies are very common, so you shouldn’t feel worried. Pipes wear out and leaks occur. It can save you money if you know what to do in these plumbing emergencies. Always contact a plumber to repair issues such as busted water pipes, leaks under the cabinets or frozen pipes outside. There are requirements for pipes and ways to insert these pipes. A licensed local plumber will know all of the regulations that your particular city has in place.

In Brooklyn, NY the best emergency plumbing service available is from Petri Plumbing. Call today!

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