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NYC energy efficiency isn’t a passing fad – it’s a smart way for homeowners to save money while reducing their environmental footprint. But when you think of outfitting your home to be more efficient – do you think of starting with the plumbing?

Not everyone does – but it’s one of the best ways to jumpstart efficiency in your New York home. Here are some energy-saving strategies related to plumbing:

Water Audit – Using water efficiently is one of the easiest ways to save money. A water audit will provide you with a detailed report of how much water you use at home and recommendations on how you can become more efficient and even qualify for some government rebates

Energy StarEnergy Star qualified bathroom fixtures, including lighting and fans, ensure the products you use to upgrade your bathroom reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make it easy for consumers to identify these products.

Solar Hot Water – Using the power of the sun to heat water can cut annual hot water costs in half. Solar water heating is designed to use with an electric or gas backup.

Drain Cleaning

Faucets, Showerheads and Toilets – Many options exist for energy efficient faucets and showerheads – think of fixtures that cut down the flow-rate of water almost 30 percent but still maintain performance – that’s pretty great. The same goes for eco-friendly toilet options – from tankless models to dual flush technology that allows the user to choose water options.

Finding A Green Plumber

A great place to start looking for a plumber experienced in green practices is Green Plumbers USA – a group that trains professionals to provide fully integrated, sustainable solutions for energy efficient homes.

Based in Brooklyn and providing services throughout Manhattan and the metro area, Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning is proud to be licensed and certified by Green Plumbers USA – the first to do so in New York City.

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