Staying Safe Around Natural Gas

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A lot of Brooklyn homeowners enjoy the comfort and convenience of using natural gas. It is a wonderful resource for home heating, water heating and cooking. 

It is also something that can’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of laws, rules, regulations, licensing requirements and building codes concerning natural gas for good reasons. You’re bringing gas into your home and setting it on fire, and you have to treat it with the same caution and respect that you would any other source of fire.

Professional Services 

Your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning & Heating are trained to keep you and your family safe when using gas for heating and water heating. Your safety is why it’s important to have your home’s heating and water heating equipment inspected and serviced annually by one of our trained technicians.  

Checking for gas leaks is part of our annual gas service. We have specialized “gas sniffing” instruments and we’ll make sure that every joint and connection is leak-free. 

We’ll check and verify the safe operating of your gas-burning appliances from the burners to the chimney. We’ll make sure all of the safety devices installed by the manufacturer on your equipment are working as they should. To keep your family safe from carbon monoxide, we’ll make sure that your equipment is venting properly. 

Safety Tips 

You must have enough air coming into your basement or mechanical room for the equipment to fire properly. Have you added new or larger kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans as part of a remodeling project? Some of these fans are so powerful that they can cause a dangerous condition with your heating unit or water heater called “flame rollout.” Call us and we can tell you whether you have enough combustion air. 

Don’t store anything that’s flammable or combustible in the same room as your heating equipment, especially gasoline. That also includes oil, oily rags, lighter fluid, propane tanks or charcoal lighter. Keep boxes and other storage at least 3-ft. away from gas-burning equipment. Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. 

If you ever smell the telltale scent of rotten eggs, leave the house and call the fire department and the gas company. Once they stop the leak, they will likely “red tag” the equipment. Call us and we’ll return your heater or water heater to a safe operating condition. 

Natural gas safety cannot be taken lightly. For peace of mind, call your Brooklyn heating experts at (718) 748-1254 or contact Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning online today! 

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