So, You’re Getting a new HVAC System. Now What?

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You’ve finally decided that your old HVAC system has had it and you’ve ordered a new system and booked the appointment to have it installed.

But do you know what happens now?

Below are some tips and everything you need to know to help you prepare your home and yourself for a new heating and cooling system installation.

Length of Time

Most HVAC system replacements can be completed within a day, but some more complicated systems or added features could cause the installation to extend into the next day. If you need to take time off of work to be present for the installation, ask the HVAC company’s scheduler to let you know the best estimation. It’s their job to know how long these installations take so they can properly utilize their staff.

Preparing the Area

While you may want to put away valuable or delicate home furnishings before the installation crew arrives to protect them from dust or damage, the HVAC installation team will do most of the heavy lifting. They will move any furniture or other household items that are in the way, cover those items that cannot be moved and place protective covering on the floor. Only then will they begin bringing in their tools and equipment.

Removing the Existing HVAC System

Before the HVAC installation team can even begin to put in your new system, they must disassemble the old system and possibly even some of your existing ductwork. Usually, the team will be responsible for hauling off the old system, as well.

Access to Other Areas of the Home

Once the old system has been removed, the team may need access to other areas of your home to repair any damaged ductwork or ensure the existing ductwork conforms to the new system. Expect the team to need access to attics, crawlspaces or basements where ductwork resides.

Installation of the New Unit

This may involve installing equipment both inside and outside of the home. Installation can include components like the inside air handler or evaporator, new refrigerant supply lines, a thermostat, condensate drain lines and a pump (where applicable) and an outside compressor unit. If your new unit requires a wiring upgrade, most HVAC contractors will also perform this work but will let you know if you also need a licensed electrician.

Testing the System

Once the installation is complete, your installation team will test your system to make sure it runs smoothly and is properly communicating with the thermostat.

Finally, the team will clean their mess and haul off the old equipment.

Once everything is complete, you and your family are free to enjoy your new Brooklyn HVAC system, but feel free to call your installation team should any issue arise after installation. A good contractor will be happy to come back to your home to make any adjustments or corrections.

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