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Signs You Have A Plumbing Leak

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Sometimes leaks are hard to spot, such as a bad packing causing a slow drip on a faucet or valve. You can only spot it when you see mold growth. Other times, it’s more obvous, such as water on the floor or walls or inside sink cabinets.

It’s easy to find a plumbing leak when you have a gusher of water, but most leaks are small drips or just a trickle. The clues may not be obvious, but here are some more noticeable signs of leaks to be on the lookout for. 

Leak Detection – How to Find a Leak

One of the most common leaks occurs in the toilet when the flapper doesn’t seal completely. Put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the food coloring appears in the bowl, then the flapper needs to be replaced. 

Is your water pressure unusually low? If it seems low in the whole house, then the leak is likely near where service comes into the house. If low pressure only affects one room, that’s where you need to look for the leak. Is your water bill unusually high? If you haven’t changed your water use habits, that’s a pretty sure sign that you have a leak somewhere. 

If you have an outdoor underground sprinkler system, look for wet spots or patches of grass that are greener than the rest of the yard. Look for mud, soil erosion or moss growing near sprinkler heads. 

Brooklyn Leak Detection & Repair Pros

When you have leaks develop on your home or property, call the expert Brooklyn plumbers at Petri Plumbing & Heating. Leaks can account for as much as 14% of a home’s water use, enough that it registers on the water meter and costs you money. You’ll want to get leaks repaired before you get a budget busting water bill, or a small leak turns into a big leak that damages your property. 

If you’ve found a leak or suspect that you have one, Petri’s plumbing experts will track it down and fix it. We will be happy to help you with leak repair and all your plumbing needs! 

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