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Signs Your Water Heater is About to Fail


Hot water is one of the unsung luxuries of a Brooklyn home that is easy to take for granted. But, jump in the shower one morning and get woken up by nothing but cold water, and, suddenly, it’s a necessity that requires immediate attention.

Your friends at Petri Plumbing are water heater experts and are on call 24/7 in the event of emergencies involving your water heater or other parts of the plumbing system. We’re glad to help our Brooklyn neighbors. We can also offer some tips on signs to look for that your water heater needs attention.

Leaking Water

If water is leaking from your water heater, pick up the phone and give us a call. It needs immediate attention from a licensed professional. Although it could be a problem with pipes or fittings, leaking water can be a sign of the impending failure of the water heater. Trust us, nobody wants to pay to replace a water heater and then spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on top of that to replace flooring and carpet damaged by water.

Slow Heating or Limited Capacity

If it takes longer and longer for water to heat than in the past, the heating elements may need to be replaced. If the top element has gone bad, you will notice the water remains lukewarm. If the bottom element has failed, you’ll have hot water at first, but it will quickly turn cold.

If hot water doesn’t last long enough to meet all your needs, your home may need a higher capacity water heater. You could also consider converting to a tankless water heater, which directly heats water as it flows through the unit.

Rusty Water

As water heaters age, mineral sediment will begin building up at the bottom of the storage tank. This can lead to discolored or rusty water if enough builds up. Although water heater tanks can be flushed and cleaned easily, left unattended long enough, sediment levels can build up to the point the heater can no longer function.

Time to Replace?

If your conventional water heater is showing signs of failure, talk to the licensed professionals at Petri Plumbing about whether maintenance or repair can help. It might be time to upgrade the water heater with a more energy-efficient model. We can also inspect your plumbing system to keep it performing efficiently. Contact us at (718) 748-1254 today.

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