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Boiler Repair Service and the Signs You Should Consider

boiler repair service
Boiler Repair Service in Brooklyn

Boiler repair service is an important thing! In the middle of winter, the last thing that you want to have happen in your home is to have your Brooklyn home boiler not work properly. If your boiler is not heating your home properly or is only heating portions of your Brooklyn home, the boiler repair experts at Petri Plumbing can help determine the best course of action to keep your home warm all winter long.

Many old boilers found in homes can operate at as low as 50 percent efficiency and even the average home boiler operates at only 60 percent efficiency, which means that your home may stay cold and can cost you in higher energy bills. The boiler experts at Petri Plumbing can offer an in-home consultation to help you determine if your home boiler needs to be replaced or can be repaired.

Boiler Repair Service? Signs That Mean You May Need Repair:

Uneven Heating In Your Home

Have you experienced warm temperatures in one room of your home while an adjacent room is significantly colder? Your Brooklyn home boiler may be in dire need of repair or replacement when you notice these inefficiencies, which are a sign that your boiler is straining to heat your home properly.

Leaking or Dripping

If you have noticed that your boiler is leaking or dripping water, the cause is often the breakdown of a component of your boiler. These leaks are often from an internal part of your boiler, such as a pump seal or pressure valve, and can be attributable to the breakdown of one of these parts of your boiler or even having the boiler pressure set too high. In addition, if you notice leaking near the pipes or tank, the boiler system may have an issue with corrosion or an improperly set fitting in your system, which can be repaired by the Brooklyn boiler repair experts at Petri Plumbing.

Inefficient Boilers – Questions You Should Be Asking

Does your home have hot and cold spots? Is your gas consumption unusually high? Is there water on the floor around your boiler? Having trouble keeping your boiler on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have an inefficient boiler. Boiler repair service companies can verify if this is the case. The money you save from a boiler repair can help you save money in the long term, and it will make your living situation much more comfortable.

When the heat in your Brooklyn home from your boiler isn’t keeping you and your family warm, the team at Petri Plumbing can help inspect, repair and update the heating systems in your home. If you need emergency heating service or an inspection or repair of your Brooklyn home boiler, contact us anytime at (718) 748-1254.

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