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The weather is boiling, and your air conditioning has seen better days. When you’re suffering without AC, there is not a more welcoming sight than your HVAC repairman’s van turning into your driveway.

That’s why on Saturday, June 22, we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day.

The recognition day was started in 2016 by a national home services provider to show appreciation for the country’s HVAC techs. They toil during the most difficult weather extremes. They ensure that our air conditioners pump cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter.

But there are ways to show your appreciation, no matter if you’re a customer or an employer.

Customers can:

Offer Them Refreshments

If it’s 95 degrees outside, offer them some water. It’s a simple human courtesy to provide cool water on a hot day. And, if you’ve just made a homemade batch of cookies, offering them a treat is a great way to show your appreciation.

Say Thank You

It may seem minor but a simple thank you is always appreciated. Too often, we’re in such a rush to get things done that we forget to state our appreciation out loud. Yes, you’re paying these techs to work on your AC unit, but it can still be a hard job.

Write a Thank-You Card

If the work is already done and you forgot to thank your HVAC techs verbally, send a “thank-you” card. It’s rare these days for people to receive cards in the mail, so a nice, hand-written note is a special treat.

Post a Message

A quick post offering your thanks and appreciation on your social media accounts is a great way to show you care. Use the #NationalHVACTechDay hashtag so that it’s sure to be seen by the right people.

Employers can:

Throw a Party

If you’re an HVAC repair shop owner, treat your employees to a free lunch or offsite party. Blocking out some time during the workweek to throw a company picnic, or even inviting your HVAC techs to an after-hours event like a baseball game shows your team you appreciate their work.

Buy New Equipment

Nothing shows your appreciation as a boss more than ensuring your team has new and updated equipment. Not only does it show you appreciate their work, but new equipment allows them to get work done more quickly. This helps them and helps you.

Present Gifts

Give your team gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. If one of your techs has gone above and beyond the call of duty, call them out in a positive way by presenting them with a gift card of their choice.

Just remember, your local tech goes into crawl spaces, attics and places where nothing but creepy crawlies and mold lurk to make you comfortable.

So don’t forget to take your hats off to the HVAC worker this June 22.

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