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Are you struggling with your home and not sure if you need a Brooklyn repiping? Your home’s plumbing system is an amazing network of pipes, valves, and connections that provide a steady flow of water throughout your home. Unfortunately, this system is often neglected and the routine checks and maintenance to keep it working properly are placed on the back burner until a major problem arises.

The good news is that our professional Brooklyn plumbers can help you update your home and get your plumbing back on track. Here’s what to know about repiping, the signs something is wrong, and how to take care of your pipes.

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What is Repiping?

Repiping means that a licensed plumbing professional will replace all the aging and damaged pipes with new ones made from the latest and best materials. It’s also not a DIY job. Leave it to the experts!

As homes age or they’re experiencing ongoing plumbing problems, it might make more economic sense to replace all the piping rather than continue patching things up and hoping for the best. The experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning can advise Brooklyn homeowners about whether repiping is the best option to avoid constant, expensive fixes.

Signs You Need Brooklyn Repiping

Not sure if you really need Brooklyn repiping? Here are some of the signs to watch out for to stay on top of the problem before it becomes a plumbing emergency.

1) Your Water Pressure is Inconsistent

Have you ever been in the shower when another member of your family flushed the toilet, turning your strong massaging shower into a pathetic dribble? The change in water pressure signals a potential build-up inside the pipes, restricting water flow.

2) Your Faucets Run Slow

Slow running faucets and toilets that take considerable time to refill also signal a possible buildup needing prompt attention. This build-up will continue to develop and, over time, worsen the water pressure issues throughout the house. 

3) Your Water Looks Rusty

Water color should be clean and clear; noticing red flakes floating in your glass suggests rust in the pipes. Are you forced to run your water for a few minutes before it runs clear? It’s a signal that there is rust in your lines as well. Rusty plumbing needs replaced as soon as a plumber is available, as this poses a potential health issue. Rust in pipes creates a noticeable odor in your water and will affect the taste.

3) You Have Leaks

Leaks are another sign something is awry, as it is likely more than one pipe is leaking. Leaks run down pipes, misleading you into thinking the incorrect pipe is leaking. A leaky pipe runs the risk of bursting and flooding your home, ruining flooring and walls in the process.

4) You Notice Broken or Cracked Fittings

If you can see broken or cracked fittings around any exposed pipes or plumbing, it’s a sign you need repiping. Avoid trying to fix it yourself; or you could end up making the problem worse. Call the team at Petri Plumbing today! We’ll help get your home back on track as soon as possible.

5) You Have Green Corrosion


Are you noticing there’s green corrosion around your plumbing? If it’s not clearing up even when cleaned, you’re experiencing a breakdown in your piping. Advanced corrosion can lead to leaks, cracks, and burst pipes that turn into a plumbing emergency and potentially flood your home.

6) Your Home is More than 50 Years Old

Brooklyn is filled with century-old homes, old brownstones, and pre-war condos. Despite how stunning they are, they often come with aging plumbing. If your home is more than 50 years old and has never been repiped, you’re probably nearing the end of the lifespan of your plumbing. You’ll likely experience pipe corrosion and system deterioration that needs proactive attention.

7) Consistent Plumbing Issues

If you find yourself constantly calling a plumbing repair professional to fix issues throughout your home, repiping could save you money in the long run. Multiple leaks, backups, and ruptures are a sure sign that your current pipes need updating.

8) Plumbing Not Up to Code

It’s not always noticeable if you need a quick plumbing fix or a full Brooklyn repiping. Ever-changing New York City plumbing codes may call for an update. If you receive a notice from the Department of Buildings stating that you must replace your home’s pipework, repiping will ensure you stay compliant.

How to Protect Your Pipes

Whether your home was already repiped or you want to do everything you can to protect your pipes, here are some of our expert tips.

Insulate Your Pipes

Depending on your pipes and system, an option like foam and semi-split may work for you. There are also specialty materials to use on pipes and you need the help of a professional to ensure you make the best choice for your system.

Remove Unwanted Debris from Drains

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should never toss unwanted debris down your drains. Everything from food scraps to hair should be manually removed and put into the garbage. A few inexpensive drain traps can go a long way towards protecting your plumbing.

Throw Out Your Grease and Oil

Grease and oil can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and further deteriorate your system. Grease may look like a thin liquid when hot, but it turns into stick goo when it cools. Pour your grease in an old jar and wipe out your pains with a paper towel before throwing it all in the trash. The last place grease and oil belong is stuck to your pipes and creating clogs.

Schedule Periodic Pipe Inspections

If your home is getting older and you’re experiencing plumbing problems, periodic pipe inspections can help. Call the team at Petri Plumbing to assess your pipes and give you some tips and recommendations to take proactive care of them. If they’re starting to deteriorate, we’ll let you know and come up with a plan to repipe your home in Brooklyn.

Home Repiping FAQs

If you’re thinking about repiping your home in Brooklyn, here’s what to expect and some of our most commonly asked questions.

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