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What Shape is Your Home Boiler System In?


In the harsh winter weather of Brooklyn and Manhattan, we understand the importance of staying warm in the comfort of your own home. Since warming your residence is the largest energy expense for households in the United States and accounts for 45 percent of your energy bill, properly maintaining your central heating system is crucial. Most homes are equipped with a furnace or boiler, and monitoring performance can keep you warmer, safer, and improve cost savings during the colder months.

At Petri Plumbing, our professionals are equipped to deal with all aspects of central heating system inspection, replacement, and maintenance. Here are a few options to consider when experiencing trouble with your home boiler system:

  1. Efficiency improvements: Your current system can be retrofitted by a professional to improve efficiency. Insulating all exposed heating pipes, replacing faulty radiator air eliminators as well as installing quick vent air eliminators on existing steam mains can increase savings up to 15 percent when operating your heating system. Switching to Wi-Fi type programmable thermostats as well as sealing air ducts, weather stripping around doors and windows can also greatly improve heating system performance.
  2. Repair: A few updated parts can often get your boiler back in working order. One of the most common repair needs for boilers includes leaking pressure relief valves and water pipe connections. Necessary repairs also extend the life of your boiler system when replacement is not necessary for the near future.
  3. Replace: Sometimes, the best option for your central heating system is a replacement. Updating your system allows you to fit your home with the most energy-efficient, cost effective models available. Replacing an old boiler can result in substantial monetary savings for your home and ensure your family is safe from potential hazards.

The professionals at Petri Plumbing have the know-how to service every brand of home boiler. As certified professionals by Green Plumbers USA, we encourage home owners to upgrade their central heating units to energy efficient systems or make modifications to improve performance. Our team of experts is also certified to install BAXI boilers, a brand that provides energy-efficient product solutions for home-heating.

We use advanced training and technology to analyze your boiler system, and determine the best options for your home.  If you are in need of boiler repair in Brooklyn or boiler installation, contact your Brooklyn plumber at (718)-748-1254.

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