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At Petri Plumbing, we’ve been in the business since 1906 and have seen our fair share of antique homes throughout the city. Although full of character and tradition, classic Brooklyn brownstones often come with a range of challenges, including issues with dated piping systems. When pipes in your home are beyond basic repair, you may need to resort to repiping.

Here are some basic signs your home could benefit from repiping:

  1. Age: As mentioned above, the age of your home is a key determinant of whether or not you need repiping. For classic Brooklyn and Manhattan homes that are 70 to 100 years old or greater, there is a higher chance of pipe corrosion and deteriorating of systems.
  2. Consistent plumbing issues: If you find yourself constantly calling a plumbing repair professional to fix issues throughout your home, repiping could save you money in the long run. Multiple leaks, back-ups, and ruptures are a sure sign that your current pipes need updating.
  3. Water color: Murky water with a reddish tint is a strong indicator that you have rusty pipes. Pipe corrosion will cause water to run from your faucet in an off-color at first, and then clear up after a few seconds. Repiping your house will ensure your water supply is free of contaminants and safe for your whole family.
  4. Water pressure: If your showerhead water pressure is insufficient, or you notice that filling up your washing machine takes longer than normal, your outdated pipes may be to blame. Consistently low water pressure can be improved by changing out the pipes in your home to allow for more efficient flow.
  5. Plumbing code: Often times it is not a noticeable repair job that causes your house to need repiping. Ever-changing New York City plumbing codes may call for updates. If you receive a notice from the Department of Buildings stating that you must replace your home’s pipework, repiping will ensure you stay compliant.

Repiping in Brooklyn is an arduous task, but the experts at Petri Plumbing know how to update your pipes to ensure water flows smoothly throughout your entire house. If your home could benefit from repiping, contact your Brooklyn plumber today at (718) 748-1254.

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