Remodeling your NYC Bathroom? Don’t Forget the Pipes

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Wouldn’t you like a remodeled bathroom for your NYC home? While investing in new fixtures and trim can add value and style to your bathroom, you may want to dig a little deeper for a truly remarkable transformation.

Style should be matched with functionality, so it’s important to pay close attention to your bathroom plumbing when remodeling. Before you tear into your Brooklyn home, here are a few things to consider about a New York City bathroom remodel.

  • Pipe age: The pipes in your bathroom are not designed to last forever. Depending on the material, the lifespan of piping can be as short as 20 years. If your pipes are old, having new and more powerful bathroom fixtures installed can add unnecessary stress to your plumbing, putting it at risk of bursting or leaking.
  • Pipe condition: One of the first steps when remodeling a bathroom is to check for leaks. Frequent leaks typically mean a repipe is necessary and it’s important to get help from a professional plumber so that any hidden leaks can also be found.
  • Drain condition: The condition of your drains will have a direct effect on the condition of your pipes, so make sure yours are properly inspected, installed, and flowing without backups.

When planning a bathroom remodel, you should consider repiping as an additional investment. This way, each new energy-efficient fixture you install will be able to run better and longer. In addition, a repipe can add unseen value to your bathroom remodel and help you stay compliant with New York City’s plumbing codes.

Even if you’re handy, it’s still important to consider getting help from professionals when remodeling your bathroom. For everything plumbing related, trust a professional plumber who understands the fine art of remodeling. At Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, we’ve been helping Brooklyn and Manhattan residents rebuild their dream bathrooms for years, so give us a call at 718-748-1254 to talk about remodeling your bathroom today.

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