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For many Brooklyn residents in older homes, the ductless mini split has been a lifesaver.

Because many of these older homes don’t have room for ductwork, residents opt to cool their homes with mini-splits to avoid ducts.

Mini splits are also a great option to keep renovation costs lower and are great if you want to control your energy costs. Their energy efficiency is usually about 30% higher than that of centrally-ducted systems, too.

With summer on its way, keep reading to learn about some great ways to get the most from your mini split system! And don’t hesitate to reach out to the Brooklyn HVAC pros at Petri if you have any questions!

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Hands Off

One of the benefits of a mini split system is your ability to easily control individual units. But they work best when you set them and forget them.

Mini split systems work best when they’re left to run. If you allow your system to run 24/7, it can reduce energy costs and keep temperatures consistent.

So, unless you are purposefully controlling airflow in particular rooms or spaces, keep your hands off the power button.

Clean Up

Just like traditional HVAC units, mini splits also need to be regularly cleaned and serviced. Homeowners should dust and vacuum each unit in the home frequently and keep the air filter changed.

But you will also need to schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC tech. The removable parts and indoor fan and evaporator coil will need to be tested and cleaned. The outdoor coil and condensing unit will also need to be checked and maintained for optimal use.

Professionals like your Brooklyn air conditioning experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning will also inspect all the other system components, including the electrical connections and refrigerant, to make sure the system is in good working condition.

Comfort In

You can also optimize your mini split system by using its autopilot features.

To do this, you should pick your comfort level and adjust the controls until you reach your desired temperature. Note: Since most mini splits are up near the ceiling, you may need to set the temperature a little higher to get to your desired level.

Next, choose the system’s “auto” setting. This will allow your mini split system to change the fan speed based on the weather and your temperature setting.

At Petri, our techs understand mini splits and can help you keep your system repaired and maintained.

And if you’re living in one of our city’s beautiful Brownstones and have been using window-unit AC or going without, it may be time to consider adding a ductless system to your home.

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Call Petri or contact us online if you need help repairing, maintaining or installing a mini split system.

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