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Food, friends, and family are the best part of the holidays, but they can still cause a bit of trouble for our Brooklyn neighbors.

Food can go down the drain and clog your pipes. Well-meaning friends will help clean up after holiday dinners, but they’ll pour grease down the sink. Visiting family will run through your hot water in a hurry, clog your tub drain with hair, and might flush inappropriate things down the toilet.

Holiday Plumbing Tips

The Brooklyn plumbing experts at Petri have a few pointers to prevent some common holiday plumbing problems during family visits:

  1. Use drain covers. A cover reduces the amount of hair and foreign objects that become trapped in your drain, preventing clogs and keeping everything flowing smoothly.
  2. Take care of your sink. Don’t pour excess grease and oil into the drain. It’ll end up causing messy clogs.
  3. Take care of your garbage disposal. Moderation is the key for trouble-free garbage disposal use. Don’t overload the disposal. Avoid trying to grind trouble items like coffee grounds, eggshells, and banana peels.
  4. Look out below. Encourage your guests to be proactive and flush frequently. The “courtesy flush” can make life much more pleasant for everyone in a crowded house.
  5. Install a tankless water heater. An on-demand water heater can ensure your guests don’t run out of hot water while bathing or showering. It’s also much more efficient and can reduce your electric bills.

We Can Help

Nothing can dampen holiday cheer like a major plumbing problem in the midst of festivities. Follow these preventative measures and keep the holidays merry. If plumbing trouble strikes, contact Petri so you can get back to holiday fun with friends and family. If you need help, call us at (718) 748-1254.

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